About Shannon

From the time that I was young, I've always been drawn to visual arts.  One of my earliest memories as a child is of drawing with my Dad on a Saturday afternoon.  My Dad is the kind of person that can create virtually anything and he had a heavy influence on my creativity growing up.  I come from a family filled with musicians, artists and carpenters, so it's no surprise that I would naturally gravitate towards a career in the arts. Growing up, I enjoyed drawing, painting and sculpture the most and photography was always a fun and enjoyable hobby.  I never had a defined path of what I wanted to be when I became an adult, due much in part to the fact that my parents unconditionally supported any interest that I ever had.  I didn't realize until I was much older with an established career, that the things that I enjoyed so much as a child would be the things that would point me toward my career and my ultimate passion in life.

I love photography for so many reasons- Capturing moments that will never happen again, positively impacting my clients with my work, meeting new people and building friendships based upon a wonderful medium, seeing the world through a lens (which is a magical thing in itself), etc.  I enjoy the science behind photography and I enjoy teaching others how to achieve their goals behind the camera.  Every day that I get to work in this amazing medium and community is a blessing to me.

A few things about me: I'm married, I love to laugh and make others laugh, I'm a great cook, I'm a music lover and a record collector, I love anything vintage, I enjoy learning new things and reading, I love anything art related, I love my family and my friends and I can't wait to chat with YOU about your photography needs! Now that you know a little about me, I'd love to learn more about you. Click 'Contact' at the top of the page and let's begin on a photography journey together.




Brandon Rais Photography, 2015

Brandon Rais Photography, 2015