You know my name, you've seen my work..  But what's the rest of my story?

I come from a family full of carpenters, painters and musicians. I grew up in a creative household, with my Mom and Dad both encouraging my interests. Some of the earliest memories I have are of drawing on a Saturday afternoon with my Dad and building things with my Grandpa. Even as a kid, I always had a passion for art, music and film, a knack for making something out of nothing and a genuine curiosity regarding science and outer space.

I was one of those teenagers that can't make up their mind on a career. I went from crime scene investigator to aerospace engineer to art teacher. After a year of art schooling at the college level, I switched my major to business and went to work in sales for a Fortune 500 company.  As I climbed the corporate ladder, I began to feel very disillusioned and unfulfilled.  What impact was I making on the world? What was I contributing to the greater good? I started feeling like I wasn't where I would find my purpose in life.  Around this time, I picked up a camera again as a way to explore; I enjoyed the freedom that it gave me after being tethered to a desk and a phone all day.  I loved creating images, even if it was only for myself at that point. I had finally found something that I could do for the rest of my life. I found my purpose.

So just like that, I quit my corporate job, began working at a camera store and threw myself wholeheartedly into photography as a career. It was the best decision I've ever made professionally. I've advised and instructed hundreds of photographers, I've mentored and helped launch several careers, I've photographed hundreds of weddings, portraits, events, commercial projects, etc. I love bringing joy to my clients through my work, I love helping my clients along their wedding journey, I love capturing families and documenting their memories and I love creating images to help businesses sell their products. I believe that love is love and everyone has a story that deserves to be told. My ‘job’ is not a job; It’s my calling.

A few things about me: I’m a huge music fan- My tastes range from Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac to more contemporary bands like Japandroids and Arcade Fire. If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d definitely be doing something in the music industry. I’m married to my college sweetheart, whom I initially met while looking for a CD at Best Buy when I was 16. I love a good joke and I can usually make pretty much anyone laugh. It’s my super power for making people feel at ease.. That and my smile.

I'm a wife, a daughter, a friend, a record collector, an art enthusiast, an admirer of anything space related, a good cook, a design lover, a pop culture trivia expert.. And I'm a photographer. Hopefully, I'm your photographer.  Let's tell your story together.

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