As a former ladder-climber in Corporate America, I have a sales and marketing background that lends itself well to commercial photography as well. I enjoy highlighting products and businesses and contributing in some small way to their overall growth. My clients past and present have included: Cintas Corporation, ASSA ABLOY, Henry Ford College, Visual SKUs and many others. If you're not here for wedding photography, you can check out my published commercial work here.

I specialize in weddings because I love documenting others’ joy and happiness. I believe love is love and everyone has a story worthy of being told. As an award-winning wedding photographer, I’ve photographed over 300 weddings and I’ve worked for some of the most prominent studios in Michigan.  

I'm Shannon & I love weddings.

Oh hey there!

But that's not all I do...

detroit wedding photographer

I believe that photography is a storytelling art form and my job is to tell the story of your wedding day by capturing not only the big obvious events, but also the little, in-between moments and the genuine emotions that they evoke. 

I tell the story of your day with bold colors, dramatic and crisp imagery and an incorporation of surroundings and symmetry. My style is a mixture of photojournalistic, candid and traditional imagery.

capturing the little moments, boldly.

my style

Into sharing inside jokes ;)

The type of couple that isn't afraid to show the world how much they love each other

Easy-going and like to greet people (including me!) with a hug

Detail-oriented and active in the vision of your wedding day

We're a good fit if you're ...

I hail from an Italian family where pasta is a food group and hugs are mandatory.

1. Despite the red hair...

the outdoors in the Spring and Summertime.

2. I live for...

8/6/86 and weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. Yes, I’ve played the lottery and no, I’ve never won anything!

3. I was born on...

I love Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac, but I can also name every Arcade Fire song. If I wasn’t a photographer, I’d definitely be doing something in the music industry. 

4. I'm a huge music fan...

and I can usually make pretty much anyone laugh. It’s my super power for making people feel at ease. I once quoted lines from “The Office” for an entire 8 hour wedding just to get genuine smiles from a camera-shy bride. It worked!

5. I love a good joke...

organize everything and I don’t miss a detail.

5. I have a tendency to...

wife, a daughter, a friend, a record collector, an art enthusiast, an admirer of the stars and planets, a good cook, a design lover, a pop culture trivia expert...and I'm a photographer. Hopefully, I'm your photographer. 

7. I'm a...


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