The Wedding Experience



Congratulations! You’re engaged!

This is an amazing time in your life, filled with new possibilities! This should be a time of joy, celebration and new beginnings but oftentimes, couples find that this time leads to some of the most stress, anxiety and worry. You want your day to be perfect. There are so many details and for many, they’ve never done this before.


Wedding planning begins!

Pick your date, pick your venue, pick your photographer.. Then there’s a million little details on top of that. Wedding party selection, attire, food and cake tastings, gifts, lodging for out-of-towners.. That’s just the tip of the iceberg and it’s a lot to keep track of! The professionals that you choose to provide services for your day should be experienced and prepared for everything. My philosophy is, your wedding professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. The should use it. I use mine to make your day effortless.


‘The Wedding Experience’

After photographing over 300 weddings, I’ve found that most clients are in need of not only the service of photography, but education on what goes into a wedding day. So, I decided to design a system that educates, plans and eliminates stress and anxiety. I’ve seen it all from a photography standpoint and I can give you the tools to make sure it doesn’t happen at your wedding. Thus, ‘The Wedding Experience’ was born and it starts when you inquire.


So, what’s the first step?

I like getting to know potential clients in person or, in Covid times, by phone or Zoom. We’ll discuss everything from how you met to how many people you’re anticipating in your wedding party. It’s a time to get to know you, begin providing education and most importantly, ease your anxieties about the planning process and photography. If we’re a great fit, which I’m sure we will be, we’ll make it official and start our experience together.


What you can expect as a client:

Where do I start? Detailed planning questionnaires, access to a library of photography locations from my years of experience, vendor recommendations and timeline construction are all things included in the experience. The awesome thing is, you’ll have your own online portal with access to all of it! I’m always available via phone, text or email and I encourage communication. Note: I’m not a wedding planner, but I work wonderfully with them!


It doesn’t end there…

My commitment to you continues after I leave your reception and 21 is the magic number. A 21 image preview is available within 24 hours of your wedding to share with family and friends. You can also download that preview for thank you cards, etc. My 21 day full gallery pledge beats most industry-leading professionals. That’s right, full galleries are delivered with various editing styles 21 days after your wedding date. To learn more about available editing styles, check out my FAQ.


The bottom line…

You’re not just paying for someone to show up and take photographs of your big day. You’re paying for a trusted professional with years of experience who will coordinate with you and share their knowledge to execute flawless and fun photography, who can keep you calm, relaxed and on-time the day of your wedding, who can crack a good joke while pinning a boutonniere.. You’re paying for an experience. Let’s get started- Click ‘Inquire’ below!

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