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Hey there! Time for another installment of my “Wedding Day Education” series!

I find the title of the blog post today to be true in all aspects of life.. Success in anything always lies in the details! So, when planning your wedding day, selecting stunning details that are indicative of who you are as a couple can propel images to new heights! I’m a firm believer that your day should be personal, a reflection of who you both are individually and as a united front and should tell the story of two individuals coming together to explore life and its’ journey together. So with that, let’s talk about a few things that can create a visually stunning set of images. There are endless things that I could list and talk about here, but I’ll limit it to the most important things that will really set your day aflame visually.

Color Selection:

When choosing your wedding day look, I cannot stress enough the importance of color. Think about the type of mood that you want to set for the day and the type of mood that you want your images to reflect. Cohesive images tend to follow a theme or a color pattern. Thick about this when selecting your colors. For example, if you love bold colors, but the venue you’ve already selected features a specific muted palette, bold colors might not be the best choice. The clash in colors in your images can take away from the beauty a cohesive day. How do you select the mood of your day and colors to reflect that? There are a lot of options here, but I’ve found wedding blogs, Pinterest and even the paint section at your local home improvement store can be helpful. Paint section? Yes. Big box home improvement stores have just about any color that you can dream of in samples. Take a few samples of colors that speak to you, mix them with complimentary color(s) and then replicate in your details.


The most flawless weddings from a visual perspective usually carry a theme throughout the whole day. Choices in details, photography locations and venue all wrap around the theme. “Timeless, elegant, modern, chic, boho, vintage” are all examples of themes that can be brought into every aspect of your day from a visual perspective.

Getting Ready Locations:

Another huge thing to consider from a photography standpoint! Think about how your getting ready location will look in photographs. Is it naturally cluttered? Are the walls loud and bold or soft and muted? Does it have beautiful natural light options? If you think about these options well in advance, this can completely transform your getting ready images. Things to look for when selecting your getting ready location:

  • Neutral wall color

  • Natural light or window options

  • Classic, timeless surfaces and furniture. Why? Because these will likely be featured in your images.

Detail that Sparks Emotion:

When I photograph the details of your day, I’ll photograph the dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Some of this can be very impersonal, but if it’s done with a little planning, it can be a heartfelt glimpse of the day that awaits you. A DTSE (Yes, I created an acronym just for this) will fill your image series with a spark of you, your partner, your family and your day. Examples of DTSE’s are: Wedding invitations, handwritten letters, first date mementos, pictures of you and your spouse to be, family heirlooms included in your day, handmade gifts (to your future spouse, your parents, etc.) A DTSE always tells the story with love and can be mixed in with a pair of shoes or a pair of earrings to create an image that speaks.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Anyone that knows me personally knows I have a thing for a good looking pair of shoes.. Doesn’t matter what kind. I appreciate a well designed shoe and in getting ready images, they can pull together a frame and create a really strong image. Clean, polished shoes are so important. Think about it: They’re literally on your feet as you walk into a new chapter of your life. Make sure they’re stylish and beautiful!


Rings are some of my favorite things to photograph when it comes to details! I cannot stress this enough; Take your engagement ring to your jeweler and have it professionally cleaned before your wedding day, so it shines as much as you do! Same goes for family heirloom rings or favorite pieces of jewelry you may be incorporating into your day.

Wooden Hangers:

It’s not necessary to get personalized hangers for dresses and suits if you don’t wish to- However, wooden hangers dress up images like you wouldn’t believe!

These are just a few of the MANY things to think about when designing your day. Taking these things into consideration will absolutely alter the outcome of your images in a positive way! Remember, my job is to tell the story that you want me to tell 🙂

Next time, We’ll chat about pulling your day together by selecting the most epic photography locations and creating intentional emotional moments.


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