Tarjay? No Way!

Cousins channel the best of the ‘80s for photoshoot featuring totally tubular Target finds.

Now, for a little fun…

Back in July, while shopping at Target, my cousin texted me to let me know she had found a Barbie short-sleeved sweatshirt and a Coca-Cola sleeveless sweatshirt on the clearance racks. Let me preface this: It’s not uncommon for us to message each other while in Target. It’s our mutual love. You can always win with a Target gift card as a present for either of us.  She declared she was going to purchase both! They really fit us too well. She’s always had a love of all things Barbie, and I was employed by Coca-Cola for a long while in my 20’s. We had an upcoming visit planned so we thought we might wear them out thrifting or something. I have to explain the rationale here: My cousin and I wore our Ghostbusters Halloween costumes TO THE MALL a few years ago. When we’re together, we enjoy being silly and goofy. Most of the time, we can barely breathe from laughing so hard at each other.

My wheels started turning and I thought more and more about these amazing 80’s inspired sweatshirts.  I thought, “What if we do something even more amazing than going shopping in them? What if we have a PHOTOSHOOT in them?” I contacted my friend, the amazingly talented Vesna Zdravkoski and asked her if she would be willing to show up at my studio and just press the shutter button on my camera, for a potentially epic photo shoot. I’d do the rest of the work. She said “yes” instantly and started planning right along side me. Our ideas evolved, and the morning of the shoot, my cousin and I went to our favorite store to search for accessories. We ended up outfitting most of our shoot with Target purchased clothes and accessories. Some purchased this season, others purchased many years ago.  My earrings: Target. Headbands: Target. My pants and socks: Target. Her amazing jean skirt: Target. For a complete breakdown, see notes below.

When we got to the studio, we started on our hair and makeup. It seemed as if Vesna had brought a truckload of vintage accessories with her: scrunchies, jewelry, belts, sunglasses, you name it. We cranked 80’s tunes, teased our hair and rolled out the teal background paper. What followed was a celebration of our weirdness, an homage to the decade we were born in and a love letter to the store where you can go in intending to spend 20 bucks and walk out $250.00 poorer. We love you, Target. Always have, always will.

A HUGE ‘Thank You’ to Vesna Zdravkoski of First Street Photography for her time and talent- From doing my hair and makeup (Which I think was more of a treat for her than anything..Haha) to offering posing direction, to helping with her amazing processing skills. We owe you a huge debt. Thank you so much for being so gracious and giving of your time, talent, accessories, etc.


Technical information:

Studio: Bright Studios, Troy MI

Photographer: Vesna Zdravkoski, FIrst Street Photography

Lighting Technician: Shannon Ferguson, Shannon Ferguson Photography

Post-Processing: Vesna Zdravkoski, First Street Photography and Shannon Ferguson, Shannon Ferguson Photography

Camera and lens: Fuji XT-3 + 16-55mm f/2.8

Lighting: Flashpoint XPLOR600’s x 2

Modifiers: Cheetah Stand 48” RiceBowl + Glow Wing Umbrella

Wardrobe Information:

Amy’s Target threads and accessories: Jean skirt (Wild Fable), Barbie cropped hoodie, pink bracelet and white earrings (xhiliration), head wrap (Goody).

Shannon’s Target threads and accessories: Black jogger pants (Wild Fable), retro tube socks,  Coca-Cola short sleeve classic sweatshirt, Prince sleeveless shirt, earrings (SUGARFIX), headband.

Also, a big thank you to KangaROOS, Converse and Vans for making the perfect shoes for the occasion!  And to LuLaRoe for excellent leggings.

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  1. Vesna Zdravkoski says:

    I love this so much!!!

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